Family Photo 2014

We took our 4th Annual Family Photo in Bagley Nature Area yesterday.

I went home a little early from work, threw some clothes down the stairs for the girls, barked orders at Henry to stop working, questioned Henry's outfit, picked out a new shirt for him, told him to stop arguing with me about changing is shirt, grabbed Oscar's outfit, told everyone to get in the van, yelled "Don't forget Stella!", picked up Oscar from preschool, changed his clothes in the parking lot, snap snap snap snap, and arrived back home 40 minutes later to make dinner.

Meet Nanny Stephanie. Stephanie is the newest and greatest thing that has ever happened to us. I am trying to convince her to change her last name to Lovely. 




Parents, You know when you are expecting your first baby and you think you know how you are going to parent?? Like, I am NEVER going to give them juice, NO food allowed outside the kitchen, NO television before they are 2 and then LIMITED screen time, my kid will never hit or bite or kick (his teacher at school), I will NEVER spank my kids, NO fruit snacks allowed, organic organic organic. Blah blah blah. 

Thankfully, Oscar is at the age that he can be easily bribed.

"Please sit by your sisters. Please sit by your sisters. Please sit by your sisters. Please sit by your sisters. Please sit by your sisters. Henry, grab him..."
"Good enough!"

Being a parent is really hard.


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